Panta rhei

Marija Mikulić Bosnjak has started from idea of the world marked by constant change.
Her work Panta Rhei  is one experiment: during exploration along the two rivers Mura and Drava she recorded photos of the most subjective impressions. Image motives are of secondary importance and do not intend to be objective. For these moments, Based on these inspirations she painted watercolors. Watercolor is a technique where dye pigments dissolve in water to create an image, which can be made absurd as water is the most appropriate medium that causes destruction and disintegration of the work itself. Constantly following this thought, she brought her work into the Drava to photograph them on the spot and documented their existence diving into the river's shallow waters. The actual experiment represents the time that pigments need to disappear from the surface of the paper. The process of painting is at the same time the dissolution process.At the exhibition, the paintings will be presented in water filled containers, along with documented photographies of the original state. On these white papers in the process, the disappearance of the work involved is seen as nihilism, and the self-criticism is also perceived as a reflection of futile human efforts to root out the river. Marija Mikulić Bosnjak finally comes to the questions that everyone at least once in their lifetime asks themselves: Is there any sense in swimming upstream? Text by: Edith Risse

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